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BGA Rework station

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WDS-880 full auto BGA rework station

 optical system

auto pick remove the chips 

laser position 



WDS-880  BGA rework station main technical
  Independent 3 temperature zones control system

   Upper and lower temperature zones with hot air heating,IR preheating area with infrared heating,upper and lower temperature zones can heating from the top of the components and the bottom of PCB board at the same time,Manual operation move freely along with the X.Y axis in the bottom of the IR preheating area;temperature precision within ±2,upper and lower heater can set 8 sections temperature control at the same time;IR preheating area can adjust according to the heating area,which can make the PCB board heating balance

   Hot air part heating on BGA chips and PCB board at the same time,together with the big area infrared heating heater can preheat the PCB board bottom fully to ensure no deformation to the board,by selecting separately using the upper or lower temperature zones,and free combination the upper and lower heating element energy

   High-precision K-type thermocouple with close-loop control,PID auto-tuning system temperature system,showed 7 temperature curves and saved multiple groups profiles,instant curve analysis function,downloaded thousands of data ,external temperature interface can detect the temperature precisely,analyze and adjust the real BGA temperature curve  accurately at any time

● Precision optical alignment system ,high -definition CCD color optical vision system,splitting,amplification,micro-adjust and auto-focus;with automatic color resolution and brightness adjustment device,it can adjust the definition of the image automatically;with 15'' TFT LCD monitor.high automation,no human errors,for such lead-free socket 775 and double BGA /CGA/IC and various shielding device repairing can meet the requirement of the lead-free process

      ● Multifunction and humanized operation interface

   Human-machine high definition interface,can set "set up interface"and "operation interface on the touch screen to prevent wrong operation and setting;the top heater device and mounting head 2in 1 design and ball screw drive,Z-axis movements are controlled by Panasonic servo system which can accurately control the site and hot-spots.Automatic identification of material and the height of mounting,automatic soldering and de-soldering ;it can show 3 temperature curves in the touch screen after launch with the time passing,temperature precision within ±2℃,heating temperature,time,rate,cooling,alarm all display in the touch screen.With different size alloy BGA nozzles,360 degree rotation,easy to install and replace

   Joystick control the optical system,the optical lens can be moved manually left and right,back and front freely,Observed all aspects of the BGA chip,displayed clearly.The X,Y axis and R angle with micrometer adjust,precise positioning,alignment accuracy is ±0.01MM. V-groove ,PCB support can be adjusted in any direction with external universal fixture,positioning lock automatically after infrared laser rapid positioning

   Saved multiple groups profiles,analyze ,set and calibrate the temperature parameters curve on the touch screen at any time,Print,save and analysis the curve through the USB port without other external device(such as computer)

   V-groove positioning the PCB board,flexible and removable universal fixture has protective effects and no damage to the PCB board,suitable for all kinds of BGA repair
       ● Safety

CE certification,with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection device when emergency happen;with protective mesh to prevent components falling or human burns happen;Soldering or after de-soldering alarm automatically,when temperature goes out of control ,the circuit will power-off automatically.temperature curve with password protection to avoid errors change ,high safety protection function to ensure no damage to the PCB board and components and machine when other emergency happen

Fully automatic BGA rework station WDS-880 technical parameters
● power: AC 220V±10
● total power
Max 9800W
● heating hear
upper temperature zone 1200W ,lower temperature zone 1200W IR area 7200W
● electrical material
PLCServo drive8color touch screenhigh precision intelligent temperature control module

● temperature controlK-type thermocouple(closed loop)
● positioning
V-groove PCB positioninglaser positioning automatically
● PCB size: Max 700×650mm Min 10×10 mm

● BGA chips: Max 80×80mm Min 1×1 mm
● Dimensions
L890×W790×H1000mm(LCD stand not included)
● temperature sensor
● net weight